Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rich People and late posts!

Hellloooooo readers!

    I am sorry about the late post but there will be more. Here was a recap of last night, three hours of work. I got a larger pay check this week. I was hoping for more hours but I guess this is good enough to pay my bills now that I am driving. I do enjoy this job though I just wish I could get more hours but that will come.
     Anywho... What I wanted to talk about I only delivered to about 5 houses last night which is common considering the fact that all the drivers I met were there for Friday night.  I was in store about an hour tops for the whole night. Now I wasn't spoiled today by a church or anything... but I was also told by another driver that I delivered to mostly the "ghetto" of our area... which one or two houses weren't in the best neighborhoods but it wasn't like they were places I wouldn't go to at night. I was getting steady tips of about three to five dollars for the first three ghetto deliveries. Then I drive out to a richer neighborhood and this teenage girl must have been having a sleep over but she tipped a five. I was pretty happy until on of my last deliveries of the night I go into one of the best/rich neighborhoods.  Big beautiful house with Mansion style double doors in the front. I walk up and hand the women a receipt to sign... Now I keep my receipts in a envelope in my car where I checked the tip 1.00. WTF mate? Seriously you have all this money for this huge beautiful house. How come the ghetto people who look like they can barely afford the pizza tip five six bucks... my theory... they know how it is... I work my ass off and if I am fast and nice I get a good tip. I didn't mention that this 1.00 tip was added on at the phone call... oh well you have those I guess.
     I also came home and relaxed a bit chatted on Facebook, then a friend came over to visit... We killed some trees then watched TV. It was nice... I don't know how well of a "friend" he is because I just moved here. I miss having steady group of friends that feel like brothers and sisters... but I guess I traded family for friends...At least I got the trees...
Tips: $21
Hours: 3

Now give me my damn tip...
-A Delivery Boy

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