Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Post!

Hello Readers!

      Well if there are any out there as of yet... As you could have guessed I am a pizza delivery boy in a smaller city in Oklahoma. I actually love my job and wouldn't change a thing. I will go over my deliveries here mostly, but also things that happen to me on and off the clock. What I enjoy about being a delivery boy is I get to sit in my truck most of the time and listen to music and drive around the town. The people you meet and things you think of while delivering are just unique. I know there are plenty of blogs like this. I like to think of us "Delivery People" (Have to be PC!) as a type of sub-culture. Not like the punks or vegan activists, but like you have a certain respect for the people who are doing the same job as you and putting up with the same shit. I believe most of us enjoy this. Today is my day off so I thought it would be a good time to start my pizza blog.
     Since I have seen this done and think it was kind of cool on a couple blogs, so I will do it too. Before I sign off I will always post my final tip amount. Since this is my first post and I want to get into the habit the tips for today are actually from last night when I closed. So now that we are all introduced... I will tell you about my night last night....

      It's getting closer to Christmas, now don't call me a Scrooge or think that I am a bad person for saying this... I am not particularly found of Christmas. Cold weather isn't my favorite. Santa and the marketing kind of make me sick. I HATE Christmas carols. It does have its upsides though, if you know how to manipulate a little bit. Now, I don't feel bad about this but I will pretend to be Christian to get better tips or wish people a Merry Christmas. Hey not only is it good customer service, but it also helps me get more money. I know this isn't the most right/good thing you can do. Do I care no?
    Which brings me to the point of the story. Around 8:30 p.m. I am working the make line since I am one of the only drivers who is good at it because they kept me there for a month waiting for my driving record. It was also the reason I was closing that night. My manager runs up to me and pulls me off the make line and says, "Hey, this church ordered some pizzas already paid and signed earlier and here's your tip." He points to the tip and it's sixteen bucks for 10 pizzas. So I load up the three insulated bags and head out. I think at this point I was jamming out to some remixes that I have been trying to work into my Virtual DJ set list. (If you cared) I ran the pizzas in and the group of people there were setting up Christmas decorations and the old lady I talked to was just so friggin sweet and nice. I hate to say it but it made me miss going to church with the family, even though I am not Christian. Hell I hate to say it but the Christmas spirit touched me.
     After this I got the idea to start manipulate people. When you are nice I guess that is how you get better tips, but now I guess its not so wrong just smiling and bullshiting them for an extra one or two bucks... ahh I don't care fuck it right? (If it makes any of you feel better out there Karma did kick my ass later and I had two deliveries to the college and everyone knows... Cameron students don't tip)... Thank you sweet old Christian ladies, fuck you Cameron students...

Merry Christmas... Now give me my damn tip...
-A Delivery Boy
Tips: 36 bucks
Hours: 4:30 pm to 1:15 am

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