Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cold dead hands...

Ok readers...

I bet a lot of you think I am a selfish half assing piece of shit delivery driver.  I can assure you I am not. I am very polite and fast when I drive... unless I get lost... I just vent here that's all. Plus if I can make you laugh and realize the comedy in everyday life, I think this blog has succeeded. I mean isn't that what life is suppose to be, not a joke but fun. If not I should just put a damn bullet in my brain, because if I can't laugh at life its just to damn depressing to live.
Today was nice, I got good tips except one person... and it was still 69 cents I got from the guy so still he tipped and I am grateful that he didn't stiff me. I had a lot of fun because I probably spent 30 minutes of my time in store and the rest out in my car listening to a play list that has all my punk and ska music on it 1661 songs 2.7 days of music... now this play list doesn't get old almost every song I like... and not just a like enough to tolerate... like LOVE... 1661 of my favorite songs... It also was a nice change up from all the pop remixes I have been listening to and hip hop... I do like those genres but I can't get enough... I'll love punk music until I die...
     Now the story of the day. I am not from Oklahoma and if you aren't either... it only got down to like 45-50 degrees tonight and people are wearing parkas. Its the middle of December and I am just wearing my uniform a polo style shirt and khaki dickies pants. I wasn't cold on any of my runs, and it was only slightly uncomfortable when I was outside, but I still didnt mind it enough to put on my jacket I had in the car. Now I am running out to my car as I explained some lady in her mid forties to fifties come walking by. Being a nice guy on clock like I explained, I decided to brown nose a little and just be a nice god damn human. I said "G'Evening Ma'am! How are you tonight?" because she was walking to the store and it was nice to see her smile. She goes through the normal small talk affair then looks up and really looks at me as I pass. She whips around putting her hood up and crossing her arm and says "Aren't you cold?! It's FREEEEZING out her." I laughed and just said walking backwards to my car "I'm from up north." She said cordially, "That's no excuse it's still cold." I laughed harder almost literally doubling over but I thought letting a laugh out that extreme would offend her.  So I got in my car driving away. I don't know why it tickled me so much... but I am just happy to live somewhere that in the winter I can get away with a beanie and a hoodie and be warm as all get out maybe have to roll up my sleeves... then I thought... "Damn, mid-Summer is going to suck..."

and I like summer...Now give me my damn tip...
-A Delivery Boy
ps I did this backward last time... and I'm adding a new category
Tips: 27
Hours: a little under 3
Music: Punk'n'Ska playlist :D :D :D

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